Dropshipping Händler - Hilfe & Community

  • How much is a drop shipping account?
    It won't cost you anything. No set up or yearly fees; and no minimum turnover apply to your account. You only pay for the products ordered.
  • Where can I register?
    You can register here: Register
  • How can I place an order for my end customer?
    With your account, you will receive access to our drop shipping tool. Using this, you can easily order directly to your customers.
  • Which payment methods are available?
    You may order using bank transfer or PayPal. Later on, purchase on a account will become available.
  • Can my delivery note be included in the package?
    Yes, you can upload your own delivery notes during the order process. This service is free of charge.
  • Can I order without VAT?
    If you are a customer coming from the EU and hold a valid VAT ID you are able to order without the addition of our VAT.
  • Are there minimum purchases or order values?
  • I would like to take over the whole range, can I automatically have all products imported?

    We will provide you with two CSV feeds:

    The product data feed contains all relevant product data; e.g. description, product ID and more. This feed is being updated every 24 hours.

    The stock update feed contains only the product ID and current stock. With this, you can update your stock settings. This feed is updated hourly.

    If you are interested in our data feeds, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will send you the respective links.

    This service is free of charge.

  • Can I use the product description from CLP?
    As we work as partners, you may use descriptions and pictures. If we are no longer in business, this right is automatically revoked.
  • Can I order using cash on delivery?

    Unfortunately, cash on delivery as a payment method this is not possible. 

  • What carrier will process my orders?

    Depending on size and weight, the goods will be either send with DPD, UPS or by haulage (Kühne & Nagel, Hellmann).

    Furthermore, CLP owns its own vehicle fleet in order to deliver bulky goods (In Germany and Austria only).

  • What are the shipping times?
    The goods will be shipped straight away. For packages, the shipping time will be between 1 and 4 working days, haulage takes 4 to 10 working days.
  • Can you deliver on Saturdays?
    Unfortunately delivery on Saturdays is not possible.
  • My customer would like delivery on a specific date. Is that possible?

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible using a general carrier. They will notify you about the delivery time.

    If the customer would like to have a specific date, you may write or call your person of contact and enquire about the costs expected.

  • Can the carrier call shortly before delivery?
    No, this is not possible. The carriers are not offering this service. Using their tracking number, you can check in what time frame the package will be delivered.
  • Do I get a tracking number?
    Yes, this will be displayed in your account under "Orders".
  • Is island delivery possible?
    No. In this case we would have to assess the individual order and check is we have options to deliver. Please contact us for individual information and shipping costs.
  • Can you ship to countries outside the European Union?

    With deliveries for countries outside the EU import costs, VAT, customs - and handling costs may apply, which will be billed directly to you.

    We would like to inform you that we have to include our invoice in packages leaving the EU in order to be cleared by customs. Shipment without an invoice from CLP is, in this case, not possible.

    Returns from outside the EU are not accepted.

  • Are all products offered in stock?
    Yes, each product shown will be in stock. You can see our updated stock within our drops hipping tool, where it is updated hourly.
Returns / Cancellations
  • Can I cancel my order after transmission?
    We are sending our goods as swiftly as possible. Should you wish to cancel your order, please contact us via phone. Emails are not being replied to as quickly.
  • What happens in case of complaints?
    In case of complaints please contact our customer service in order to solve the problem.
  • Cancellation

    In Germany, we take back the goods within the legal, statutory time of withdrawal. Shipping costs will not be adopted by us. If the goods arrive back without fault, the buyer will receive  the buying price plus shipping costs back.

    Outside of Germany but within the EU, we take back the goods within the legal, statutory time of withdrawal. In this case, a share of costs will apply. The shipping costs will be paid for by the buyer while the return costs would be paid by the seller. Therefore, the buyer will receive the buying price + shipping costs back when the item arrives.

    Islands are an exception to this rule. Returns coming from islands will not be accepted.

    Returns from outside the EU will not be accepted.

    Are the goods damaged, we will deduct individual damages from the refund.