Expand your range of products

CLP Trading GmbH specializes in furniture sale on the Internet. We hold several thousand products in different variations and colours in over 60,000 square meters of warehouse space.

Connect our products to your offers and expand your range. After a sale send the neccesary information on to us and we will ship the order on your behalf to the customer.

Save yourself the storage and the capital commitment with this increasingly popular technique. You can get started right away!

Start now!

You can start immediately once our products are listed on your site. Place your customers orders in our system and we ship directly to your customers.

Short delivery time

95% of our products are in stock and we often ship on the same day as the order is taken. This means short delivery times and customer satisfaction.

Wide range

Our emphasis is on furniture. This includes, for example, a huge range of indoor and garden furniture.

Easy to handle

Our shop is easy to use. Collect the products for your customers in a basket and send your order to us.

Dropshipping with CLP: fast, safe, simple & free!

As a dropshipping partner of the Furniture & Home, Garden & Leisure and Sport & Wellness, we offer an extensive product range and the opportunity to be successful in e-commerce. As many of our products are bulky the dropshipping concept makes even more sense for those with high storage and transport costs. This is one of our core principals, to deliver bulky goods to the customer within 5 - 9 days (2 - 3 days if urgent).

Our Portfolio

  • - Wide product portfolio and strong quality brands
  • - Range: Living room, Garden & Leisure, Sport & Wellness
  • - Neutral shipping if necessary with your documents (white label)
  • - Fastest delivery, express delivery
  • - Fair and low shipping costs
  • - Real time stock updates
  • - Product information and resources (eg. Via csv)
  • - Direct contacts and dependable service
  • - Transparent pricing incl. shipping costs
  • - Decades of experience in Dropshipping
  • - Fair returns policy
  • - No minimum quantities order
  • - No transaction fees
  • - Over 60,000 m2 warehouse space provide for permanent availability

Contact us and convince yourself of our products and services.

The summer will come!

The summer will come!

Spring is always a great time for our outdoor products. CLP offers a variety of garden furniture and rose arches to your customers exactly the right product. Many of our products are available in several different colours and variations. Most of the products are in stock and can be shipped immediately.

This segment is very profitable in spring. You should not miss the opportunity to add CLP furniture to your shop. We are willing to assist with images, text and customer service.